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Dear Friends,


“Life is hard!”  Stresses wear us down mentally and physically.  Aches and pains are caused by a traumatic injury and illness or are caused just by the daily wear and tear on our bodies.  Maybe you are like me and have struggled with anxiety or have a physical condition that causes pain and stress.


I have tried many medications over the years- some prescribed and some over-the-counter and felt I was taking too much! When I researched the amazing potential of CBD, I was intrigued.


My husband, who was quite skeptical, rubbed CBD salve on his arthritic hand and 20 minutes later, the CBD salve had reduced the swelling and he said it felt better. Boom!  He was a believer!

After months of research and planning, we launched U.S. Hemp and Oil where we work with farmers and extract CBD oil from their hemp crops.  We are hands-on, visiting American farms and quality checking our oil so we KNOW it is of the highest quality.


We also launched Mother’s Original CBD product line so we can share these products with YOU!


Let us help you sort through all the misinformation on the internet, avoid the cheap imitation products at the gas station and all the other bogus, unethical people who try and sell you a bunch of nothing.


Here at Mother’s Original CBD, our mission is to “help take care of YOU” with tinctures and topicals that may bring you relief on a daily basis and in a healthier way than harsh chemicals and drugs. We can help you decide on the ideal product and dosage to get you started.


We hear many wonderful stories of CBD improving the quality of life for many clients.  It’s safe, it’s natural, and our bodies already have receptors that want to absorb and use these products.  Isn’t that amazing!


Thank you for being part of our Mother’s family.

Live well,


Robbie Ergle, Founder

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The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease.

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